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[스마트폰] How to Set up Voice Mail on an android

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How to Activate Voice Mail
You may want to activate your voice mail shortly after receiving your new phone. Voice mail is automatically included with your cell phone plan and will enable callers to leave messages for you if you are unable to answer your phone. Setting up and activating your voice mail will only take a few minutes, and you will only need to activate voice mail 1 time. Follow these instructions to learn how to activate voice mail.

Activate T Mobile Voice Mail Step 1 Version 2.jpg

1. Press and hold the "1" key on your T-Mobile phone. This will automatically dial the voice mail number for your account. If this method does not work, you can also dial "123" from your handset to access the voice mail servers. 

2. Listen to the directions for first time setup. If you are prompted for a security code, use the last 4 to 9 digits of your telephone number. 

3. Follow the prompts to record your personal greeting, or choose the standard greeting that mentions your telephone number. 

Activate T Mobile Voice Mail Step 4 Version 2.jpg

4. Follow the prompts to set up your personal voice mailbox security code. You will need to enter this code any time you call your voice mail. This prevents unauthorized users from hearing the messages saved to your account.

Activate T Mobile Voice Mail Step 5 Version 2.jpg

5. Make a test call to your number from another cell phone or landline phone to determine if you have successfully activated your voice mail.

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