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[스마트폰] How to Set Up Voicemail on an iPhone

NIT 2015-03-10 (화) 15:15 3년전 5219  
How to Set Up Voicemail on an iPhone

Three Parts:Setting Up VoicemailUsing VoicemailTroubleshooting Voicemail

Do you have a brand new iPhone? The first thing you’ll want to do is configure your voicemail. This will allow people to leave you messages, and let you change your greeting from the boring standard one. To setup voicemail on your iPhone, you will need to setup your inbox through your carrier, and then configure Visual Voicemail to retrieve your messages.

Part 1 of 3: Setting Up Voicemail

1 Tap the Phone button on your iPhone.

2 Tap the "Voicemail" option in the bottom-right corner. Two different things may occur at this point. Click the option that matches your needs: • Your iPhone calls your voicemail inbox.
• Your iPhone displays the "Set Up Now" button.

iPhone Calls Your Voicemail

1 Enter your voicemail password if prompted. If you have previously set up your voicemail inbox on an old device, you will likely be asked for your voicemail password. If you can't remember it, click here.

2 Follow the prompts to set up your voicemail inbox. This is typically required if you just recently activated a new plan.

3 End the call after setting up voicemail.

4 Enter your voicemail password when prompted. When you tap Voicemail in your phone app again, you will be shown the "Set up now" button.

iPhone Displays "Set Up Now" Button

1 Tap the "Set Up Now" button to configure Visual Voicemail. This will allow you to view your messages and listen to them in any order without having to call your voicemail inbox. •If you aren't able to able to setup your voicemail,


2 Create a password. This will be the password you enter to access Visual Voicemail. You will need to enter it twice to continue.

3 Choose your greeting. You can either use the default greeting, which reads your number back to the person calling, or you can record your own custom greeting.[1] •To record your own, tap the Record button, speak your greeting, and then tap the Stop button. You can play it back to review it, and tap Save to set it as your greeting.
•To change your greeting later, open the Voicemail section of the Phone app and then tap "Greeting". You can select the Default voicemail greeting, or record a new Custom one.

Part 2 of 3: Using Voicemail


1 Access your voicemails. Once your Voicemail is configured, you can access it by tapping the Voicemail button in the Phone app. You will be able to browse through all of your voicemails and choose which ones you want to listen to.[2]

2 Tap the message to begin playing it. You can delete the message while listening by tapping the Delete button.

3 Delete messages when you're finished with them. To delete multiple messages, tap Edit, select the messages, and then tap Delete.

4 Tap "Call Back" to dial the number that left you the message. •You can see how many new messages you have by looking at the little red number on your Voicemail icon.

Part 3 of 3: Troubleshooting Voicemail

1 Call your carrier if you can't access your voicemail inbox. There are several issues that may occur when setting up your voicemail, especially if you are upgrading from a much older device. Contacting your carrier's Customer Service line can help you reset your voicemail settings, change your password, and get your visual voicemail setup. •AT&T - (800) 331-0500 or 611 from your iPhone.

•Verizon - (800) 922-0204 or *611 from your iPhone.
•Sprint - (844) 665-6327
•T-Mobile - (877) 746-0909 or 611 from your iPhone.
•Boost Mobile - (866) 402-7366
•Cricket - (800) 274-2538 or 611 from your iPhone.

2 Reset your iPhone's Visual Voicemail password. If you need to change the password for Visual Voicemail on your iPhone, you can do so from the Settings app. •Tap Settings → Phone → Change Voicemail Password.
•Enter your new Visual Voicemail password.
•Tap "Done" to save your new password.

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