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[비지니스] 모던한 유기농 샤부 샤부 레스토랑 $425,000

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애나하임 힐의 모던하고 럭셔리한 유기농 샤부 샤부 레스토랑

미트,채소 모두 유기농 ;건강 식당
CBS Los Angeles 방영 및 OC Magazine 등 각종 미디어에 맛집으로 수록된 집 !!!!
디즈니랜드 방문시 Yelp 추천보고 예약
극장,스타벅스 있는 대형 몰 센터 위치.
ABSENT ownership 가능

매매가  $425,000
매상; 약 $64,353/월
면적; 약 1439 SF
16 Employees
ABC license

친환경 재료들을 엄선하여 신선도와 건강한 식단을 손님들께 제공하는 유기농 샤부샤부 식당을 소개합니다.
창립자인 데이비드와 사이폰은 그들 식당이 한결 같기를 추구합니다.  “At True Seasons, we lie to enjoy fresh, flavorful food without worrying about what we're putting in our bodies. That's why we source local, organic non-GMO ingredients and avoid heavy oils, chemicals or unnecessary processing. Whether it's our signature organic hot pot or our organic wraps, bowls or gelato, our food is fresh, simple, and most of all, delicious. . . . . . .  providing high quality humanely-raised meats and fresh, sustainably-grown, non-GMO GFT (Greener Fields Together) produce. We are proud to support local organic growers. We always know where our food comes from! “

Facilities: clean, modern and stylish.
Large U shaped hood and bar with induction cook-tops; high top tables with induction cook-top; and all seating arrangements are comfortable high back chairs.
Support & training: will provide training for new owners
Inventory: Included in asking price
Real Estate: Leased
Lease Expiration: 11/23/2023 + 5 Years option
Reason for Selling: To focus evangelical life
Business Website:

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